Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have a great excuse for falling behind

Earlier this month it seemed that everyone I knew was catching some sort of horrible 24 hour stomach virus. While the hubs was away my mom came and stayed and I was miserably sick for a full 24 hours. Which I believed was just the virus. Makes sense right?

Then he comes home and is very sick for almost a week. We think he has caught something or somehow drank the water while being in El Salvador and that is why he is sick. Then I started feeling sick again!!! But this time it was much worse. I am dying it feels like. I can barely move, cannot eat and i am just in so much pain. So I look at the hubs and say, "What in the world did you bring back from El Salvador that has made you sick and now I am dying?!?" While I was slightly joking a part of me really felt like he must have brought some horrible virus back from that country. Except several days of feeling like that... I wasn't getting any better. And the hubs did some research on the internet and came back into our room and said, you are going to the nighttime medical center now! I think something is really wrong.

HA HA HA! I thought, its just a virus but if he wants me to go that bad, I guess I will just go to ease his mind. By now I am running very high temperatures, haven't eaten in close to 4 days, pale, extremely sick and in a lot of pain. The doctor does his little exam and his brow starts to narrow followed by a lot of.. "hmmmm" and "oh my" and shaking his head. He says he will be right back. And he was followed by a nurse and the words I wasn't expecting to hear "I think your gallbladder is about to rupture. We need to get you to the emergency room! I will be right back to see if I can just send you without you having to go into an ambulance." And out they go...

I am sorry, what did you just to say me? I am screaming in my head. And I can hear him outside talking to his boss saying, "But she looks fine. She is talking, cracking jokes and sitting up. She isn't acting like what a normal person would be going though." I wanted to open the door and say, I have a really great tolerance to pain *Cheese* But I didn't. He got the approval to let me drive myself and away I went. The hubs met me up at the emergency room after my best friend came to the house to watch little miss. And after several hours and some great pain medication another doctor came and told me that it looks like my gallbladder has stopped working completely and it needs to be removed. WHAT?!?!? In less than 24 hours I go from thinking I have some weird virus bug to having to go into surgery?

But I was so hyped up on pain medication and the lack of sleep that I don't think I really cared about what was going to happen next. And it seems like just a few minutes (but it was really hours) later I was being wheeled into surgery. The days that followed that are a blur and I am sure I was quite funny and grumpy all at the same time.

How am I doing now? Pretty well. I get very tired quickly and some of my incisions are still sore, but I feel a million times better than what I did that night I went to the medical center.

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