Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Fall Swap Gifts!!!!

*Yes I know that I am several weeks late on this BUT my following post will explain why!!

I was so excited to receive my Fall Swap package in the mail!!! It was my very first Swap and I had no idea what to expect. And I was itching to see what
Jenna had sent me. I mean first off, who doesn't get excited waiting for a package? That's half the fun! But then not having any idea of what's in the box makes you almost think its Christmas!

and boy did it feel like Christmas to me! Wanna see all my fun goodies?

She graciously bestowed on me:

*2 Candles- pumpkin and apple (perfect fall smells!!)
*Thank you cards (which I started using the following week)
*A BPA free, green, hot drink cup (YEAH!!!)
*A Starbucks card (that I will be taking my cup to get my cup discount)
*Cinnamon Sticks Decor (I am behind on putting these out)
*And a picture frame (that she cleverly put all her favorite things about fall in)

I LOVED my package and I am so thankful to Jenna and my friend April for doing this.

I can't wait for our next SWAP!

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