Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good for today only!

We are on the track to get out of debt. And that means that we have to watch our dollars. (I literally feel like I am watching the money. Like it might duplicate or decrease at any moment. Ha ha.)

So my friend is inspiring me to look for deals, cheap meals and coupons all over the place. And I saw this deal today for Old Spice here.

I purchased 7 deodorant sticks for only $8.08.

The normal cost for 7 from Wal-mart would have been $17.92.

I was also able to purchase some much needed Mrs. Meyers products that I love!!!

Though I am stocking up on deodorant for like 2 years I also saved almost $10 buy doing so. This feels great!!!!

The deal is good for today only though. If your man uses Old Spice, hop to it and go grab some savings!!!


  1. I really want to start using Mrs. Meyers stuff. And, someone has been telling me about Shaklee, too - have you used that?