Friday, February 4, 2011

And she did it again!

I am a fan of Oprah; no, a follower of Oprah. Yes, I said it... I follow Oprah. Now technically I do not stalk her but I LOVE her show and I am really liking her new network. She makes me think differently, inspires me to live the best life for myself, and now.... to go vegan?!?


How can I live without meat?

Well, that idea quickly went out the window. But after watching her "Food 201" show I realized that I do not go a single meal in each and every day without involving meat. And that's crazy! So though I feel like I can't live without eating meat; maybe, just maybe I could go a full day....?

Its a concept that I will have to pass by the hubs, but I think it would be something good to start. How could eating fruits and vegetables for one day out of a week be that harmful, really it should help me more than anything. I might have cravings on those days, but I would like to see what happens.

My goal is to start MEATLESS MONDAYS! at my h
ouse. It might work, but it might not. So we will see what happens!


  1. ehhh, I do think I would die. ha :P

  2. Great Idea!!! I have tons of Meatless days, the key is to find recipes and things that you love to take the place of meat :)

  3. I tried it in my house and I loved it! I felt better about myself and was stoked at my creativity with the recipes. My family on the other hand absolutely HATED it!!! So I am now just doing meatless lunches for myself to enjoy that vegan tendency without intimidating my fam.