Saturday, October 9, 2010

Romance from El Salvador

I can't even tell you how long this week has been for me. I feel every minute just going by so slowly!!! All because my hubs is out of town.

As a youth pastor, he is always trying to find ways to get our students involved in other people's lives on a small scale like helping out at the church or serving in the community and on a large scale like going on missions trips.

And right now he is scouting out a new missions trip to El Salvador. We have done some before in Puerto Rico, where we helped a local church with construction and vacation bible schools. And Virginia where they were counselors for a special needs summer camp. But this one slaps them in the face. I am sure seeing such poverty and need would make any person look at their life differently; especially Americans. This week he has been building a well for a village in order for them to have clean water. I am happy to say that they have completed it and was able to show the villagers how to use it; i.e., clean themselves, cook with it and such.

These are the hard parts about being a youth pastor's wife that I DON'T enjoy. They are gone a lot and though I know it is for an amazing reason, sometimes I just want to be selfish and ask him to stay home. But I would never take these opportunities away from him. Who doesn't want to go and help others, right? Its just hard. And I couldn't even imagine what military families go through. I mean this is a week and I am dying. What if it was months or years? My heart goes out to y'all whose loved ones are fighting for our safety. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making!!

And he knows its hard for me. He knows that I want him to stay home and stay w
ith me and little miss. And he knows that I see the bigger picture. This trip he surprised me by sending me flowers. On Wednesday there was a knock on my door and a Proflowers box on my door step. He had planned to send me flowers while he was gone and they are beautiful. It was just so nice of him to think of that. They have been a beautiful reminder that he will be home soon, that he loves and misses me just as much. And those are the moments where I love being HIS wife.
And these are my flowers...


  1. aweeee yaahhh!!! That's so schmoopy Hubbs!!

  2. What a great gift!! I know that this week was hard for you, but you are one of the strongest women I know, and if anyone can handle the emotional stress of being a Pastors wife its you. I know that you are glad to have Jason back :) I hope that your time apart strengthened your relationship even more.