Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can't afford a B&B...... Create your own experience

I am addicted to bed and breakfasts. I love going away to a home with nice bedding, clean sheets, and great bathrooms and waking up to a wonderful breakfast that is normally unique and delicious.

When a frien
d asked if she and her man could watch little miss for a night we jumped on it! And of course I started to research different B&B's around the area. As much as I love them, their prices still shock me!!! And hubby and I decided to just stay at home and save our money.

At least..... that was his plan.
Since we couldn't g
o to a bed and breakfast I thought that maybe I could turn my house into one....... and so I did.

I bought a plain white tablecloth and some wine glasses at a discount store. Some clearance candles, votives, and some candle holders at
another store and some flowers, strawberries and chocolates from our grocery store. All in all the total cost was about $50.

I cleaned up
the house (which I was on a time constraint so I threw everything into a closet) and fixed the table with a bouquet of flowers, candle sticks and our glasses. I took another bouquet of roses and cut off all the buds and placed them in little vases around the house. I lite a soft fragrant candle to give the home a sweet smell and then put the rest of the candles in the bedroom.

I didn't get to make the chocolate covered strawberries because hubby come home earlier than I had hoped.

Here are just a few pictures of what it looked like.....


  1. So, number one.. didn't know that you blogged, number two this B&B is sooo stinking sweet. I LOVE it, did Jay know or was it a surprise, because those are always the best kind of prize's hah, corny I know. Your blog is the cutest ever. LOVE it.

  2. that was a very sweet idea!! Good Job!!