Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Year's Resolution % 1

I am sure you are thinking that I am crazy talking about New Years when we haven't technically entered the holiday season yet. (Which will someone please tell my job that because we are already playing Christmas music. And somehow I find myself humming it throughout my day already. I just want to be thankful first before I am stingy!!! Joking, I enjoy giving!!!)

At the turn of every year we all have an idea of what we would like to do, change, become, see, explore, vacation during the upcoming year. We teeter over several things and then we come to a resolve about what we really want. As we are nearing the New Year my family has a choice to make.

After you have your first child, the questions come about 4 weeks later; which for me is when I feel safe enough to let them out of the house. You know, scary germs and all that. I am sure you already know the question that I am talking about "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE?" I caps that because when I have had no sleep, a baby stuck to me and can barely find time to take a shower, these nice innocent questions seem like the world's push to populate it.

And here my family is 2 years later and the question is now being whispered behind the closed doors of our home. "When are we going to try for another one?" "Are we ready to have another baby?" "How can I love another child as much as I love her?" "Can I even do it? Will I be able to stay sane enough to make it through the first year with 2 children?" "Are we okay with just one?"

There are a lot of mixed emotions which makes me think that we aren't ready but then are you ever really? So to all the moms and dads out in this world..... how did you sort this question out? What made you decide that you were ready or that you weren't ready?


  1. F! Are you kidding me? I just typed you this long, beautiful comment and I deleted it. Let's hang out and we can chat about baby 2. I have a lot to say about it, and although I am sometimes too opinionated, I think this is actually good stuff to hear. : )

    Can you ever do coffee in the morning before work or a playdate with the kids or something? Or do you and J want to come to dinner?

    Email me.

  2. Yeah Dave and I ponder the same questions. Not sure if we have come up with an answer either. You and Jason are young though, don't feel rushed into a decision, you have lots of time. If i could wait 5 years and have another one I would. I mean I guess I can but having a baby at 42 isn't the best idea. I agree though are you ever ready- emotionally, physically, financially. The worry is all so consuming at times, but what ever you decide God will provide all the stregth you need.

  3. I just knew I was ready. I could feel it. Brad was the one who needed the convincing. He knew he wanted another one after he went to a men's conference where they talked about fathering. We didn't want Micah to be too much older than his sibling. Micah was 3 1/2 when we had Noah. I thought it was a good time in between. Micah was pretty self sufficient. As far as another one now, I'm ready, but I know we aren't prepared financially to have another one.
    As far as loving another child, you find room to love another one just as much as you love the first one.

  4. I think you nailed it - are you ever really ready?! I had the exact same emotions that you are expressing when I was pregnant with my second (my kids are only 19 months apart) - how on earth will I ever love another child as much!? I asked myself that very question up to the second my son was born - the moment I looked at him my capacity to love instantly grew. There is no replacing the love you feel for your first child. A new unique love is formed for your second. We didn't "plan" to have our children so close together but we feel very blessed each and every day to have two beautiful, loving, energetic children and to see the love they show each other is amazing! I highly recommend baby #2! I won't deny the first couple months takes adjustment but it is so worth it!

  5. jes.

    another one.



    me loves you long time.