Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't you just smell it?

I had wrote in the beginning of summer all the things that I wanted to accomplish. And in all honesty, I finished a few, started a lot, and didn't get to a some.

But now that it is officially a new season..... it's time for a new list. goodbye list of summer and HELLO FALL!!!!!!

All that I want to do this fall:

-pick apples

-make apple pies

-make mulled cider

-make apple cider doughnuts (yumm!)

-do a full fall cleaning to the house

-clean out and organize the "unfinished room" and garage

-buy a complete fall outfit; pants, shirt, sweater, scarf, gloves, hat and shoes.

-go to a pumpkin patch

-carve pumpkins

-work on little misses' year albums

-play outside at least once a week

-take more pictures

-do a fall craft for the house

-start my family wall

-paint some pottery

-wear a costume for Halloween


-start potty training little miss

And I think thats all I have for right now. I will check back in after a while to let you know how things are coming along AND to add any amazing fall things that I want to do that I might have forgotten about.

What are some things you are looking forward to during this Fall season?


  1. You mentioned the smells, but my big thing is the sounds of fall - I can't WAIT to hear that crunch of fallen leaves when you walk. Oh my goodness - you just got me excited!!

    Now I need a new fall outfit, too! ha ha

  2. Oh these are going to be fun!! :) What's the costume gonna be?? :P

  3. Can I just come along with you while you complete your fall to do list?! Then I will get everything done on my list too!! LOL