Friday, August 6, 2010

How am I spending my lazy days of summer?

With the start of summer, I created a list of all the things that I wanted to do. I really didn't think that I was going to be able to do any of them but shockingly... I have done quite a few.

- start a garden (even if its in pots) I have potted one plant that sits in my kitchen. I am begging it to live this time, for its my second attempt.

- sew something, more than likely something for little miss Since we just moved into our house, I have no place to sew.

- make my own pottery or just paint some Haven't even had an open night to do this

- Have a great girl's night out where we stay out way too late and laugh until our stomachs hurt Still haven't had an open night to do this

- make homemade jam While my family was here we made blueberry jam! It was very good, but thats a lot of hard work!

- create a baked good from scratch (I am thinking of a "Florida Roll") I have been busy baking cakes

- take a class Haven't found a class that I really want or have the time to take

- save money I am pleased to say that we are doing "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey and have finished step one. Now we are working on getting rid of our debt!

- put pictures in frames We haven't hung not one single thing in the house yet. This one might take a while.

- put together my recipe book Ha! Not even close to doing this!

- finish little misses first and second year photobooks Oh, I haven't even looked at them to even begin. I feel horrible.

- create little misses cake, invitations and other things for her party Since we try to live organically, I have been struggling with making buttercream icing organic and good. I have made 3 cakes so far. Still have one more recipe to try.

- have people over to our new house A LOT I would say that we have accomplished this one!

- take Summerly on a road trip with no destinations Time just got away

- blog more Can't always find the time or a subject

- take more pictures I keep forgetting and losing my camera

- hubby and I finding an amazing new restaurant We have found two really cool diners!

- getting back to eating clean So glad to be back to this!

- research painting Nope

- and then actually trying to paint Big No

- and while doing all of this, remembering to stay in the moment.
This has been the hardest of them all. Its an every day battle.

I have done pretty well I think. Considering all that we have done this summer. Gone to Florida, took a vacation to Boston, moved into a new house, my family came in for two weeks and now just a lot of working and being a youth pastor's wife, a wife and mom. Though I have loved this summer, I am looking forward to a great fall!

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  1. We can attack our lists together, I have till I turn 30...and you may need to rename your Summer list to...things I wanna finish this year! :P heehee