Friday, October 1, 2010

This isn't a competition but I want to WIN!!!!!

Ever want something so bad, you would do whatever you could to get it? Well thankfully I only have to do two things in order to win this one!!!!

Thing #1. I needed to post about the giveaway on my blog and link it back to the giveaway! CHECK!!

Thing #2. I need to post it on my Facebook so that all my friends will want to enter to win this too.

So what is so cool about this giveaway?

Its an Etsy shop called Persimmon &Pink. It's full of prints that help you think about your day. Like counting your blessings, asking if you have prayed and prints about family. Its really the simplicity of them which makes them so appealing to me and the colors are fun!

So hop on over to this blog and do whatever you can to get in this giveaway!!!!

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