Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Those lazy summer days

Here we are..... 3 days into summer. And it has been the perfect start. Having a party with our "family", flying to Florida to stay with my mom at the beach and doing a whole lotta nutin'. What more could you ask for out of a summer?

My mom is keeping little miss while I get to go on adventures to the beach. Really I like to think of them as mini-vacations. While I am out there I get to do a lot of praying, reading, quiet time, and thinking. One question that just hasn't left me alone is what would I want to do with my summer....

So I started a list and the list keeps growing.

Does this mean that I will even get to do all of them... no. I might not even get to do any of them, but you can always try.

This is how I hope to spend my lazy days of summer....

- start a garden (even if its in pots)
- sew something, more than likely something for little miss
- make my own pottery or just paint some
- Have a great girl's night out where we stay out way too late and laugh until our stomachs hurt
- make homemade jam
- create a baked good from scratch (I am thinking of a "Florida Roll")
- take a class
- save money
- put pictures in frames
- put together my recipe book
- finish little misses first and second year photobooks
- create little misses cake, invitations and other things for her party
- have people over to our new house A LOT
- take Summerly on a road trip with no destinations
- blog more
- take more pictures
- hubby and I finding an amazing new restaurant
- getting back to eating clean
- research painting
- and then actually trying to paint
- and while doing all of this, remembering to stay in the moment.

Do you have anything you want to accomplish this summer?


  1. This all sounds SO amazing!!! I wanna help as much as I can...Think of me as your "Dream Bra" I wanna support your dreams!!! :P

  2. Hah, April that was TOO funny.
    &Britt, I hope I am one of those people that you invite to your house ALOT:)