Monday, November 22, 2010

7 days of Thankfulness

Being a youth pastor's wife, you really never know where God is going to send you. When the hubs and I first were married, talking about where God was going to send us was extremely exciting but terrifying at the same time. I wanted to move back into the state of Florida and well, he wanted adventure.

And adventure it is!!!

But during all that talk on moving and starting our life together we kept coming back to the burden we were leaving college with. Do you have it too? If not it's called school loans and it's a doozy. During this time we were told that God will take care of us financially. And I can't even begin to tell you how true that has been for us. We had free housing during our first year of marriage, people have given us money without knowing that we needed it, we have never gone hungry, thirsty or without a roof over our heads. And He placed us in a state that has not suffered as much as our home state, Florida, did during the recession.

I am so thankful to love and have a relationship with a God who I know holds the universe in His hands. And while there are times that I don't see His way or it doesn't make sense to me, I know that his ways are greater than my own and all I can do is trust and love Him.

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