Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things happen for a reason I guess.......

Last night was a very interesting night. Some of my "Maryland family members" (people from our church family who have adopted us as their own almost) were in a really bad car accident. You get a phone call or text that something has happened to someone and you don't know what is going on.... all you know is that you love that person.

Sometimes things happen just so you can be reminded of how quick your life can be gone. Like that and everything could change. All the petty drama of life just seems insignificant. You wonder if they know you love them or how much you care.....

And this doesn't just affect how you feel about that one person who is hurting but it goes across the board to everyone that you really care about. Do they know how much I love them? If something happened to them, will I have regrets? What is keeping me from making amends not only with them but with myself?

How does this situation affect how I treat everyone in my daily life and those that I just pass by? Going though that whole night I was running a list of people in my mind that I am holding something against. Why am I allowing these things to keep me down? This year, I had dedicated to trying and live in my present. My now. And this just reinforces that.

To Bekah and Carlinn: We are so glad that you are safe and sound. Love you both!


  1. :) im glad this situation helped something. & im sorry for all the worrying everyone did.
    i love you.

  2. Very true...and VERY glad they are ok!

  3. Hey Britt, do you remember Julie Albin (that I went to Pathway with)? Anyhow, last Friday night (well, April 30th) her nephew (who just turned 18) left the store that his family owns (actually, they all left at the same time ... mom, dad, him, etc.) to go home. His mom needed to get something from Wal-mart, so he went instead. Well, on the way there he lost control of his vehicle and it flipped (end over end) and he wasn't wearing his seat belt. He was a big boy (he was on the Victory Christian School football team, if that gives you an idea of his size). Anyhow, the steering wheel broke off and Julie said he was flipped over and over in the vehicle. She told me some other gross things about it, too. But, I don't want to write that down. I went to the viewing/funeral last Thursday night. And, so, long story short, you NEVER know!!!! So, I love you and I hope you have had the best mother's Day ever (only to be trumped by the following mother's days). You are the best sis in the whole wide world!!! LD