Saturday, April 24, 2010

That silly "Envy monster"

We all have our favorite blogs that we follow, but I have this one that really just makes my day if she posts. Not only because her words are so inspiring, or because she is so real, or that she talks about her struggles as a mom; but a lot of it has to do with her pictures. There is something about them that you can just feel the life flowing from them.

And that makes me jealous.

I have a nice digital camera. Much nicer than what some people have and for that I am grateful. Its over 3 years old and in my mind, it is old and needs to retire. It needs to be replaced by a younger, brighter, more advanced model. I know...... its age discrimination.

What it really boils down to is....... I just want to take pictures that I can feel my life in. I don't want just a still shot of my life, but a picture that radiates it.

My goal is to get this camera by Christmas.

Wish me luck!

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