Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting back to it!

Can you believe it's 2011 already?!?!? I mean really where has the time gone? Especially when I think that this year is my high schools 10th year reunion. And then I feel old.

Also feel like I haven't done as much as I wanted to in the past 10 years. I get "busy" and things just seem to get in the way. Sooooo with that said I am making a list of the 11 things I want to do this year. (I am blog stealing this idea from my friend Monkeybean over at her blog here.)

Drum roll please........

#11. I want to get my house completed by December 2011. I want all rooms painted and organized, the garage to be painted and organized and to begin working on our unfinished room and to expand our laundry room. Ah, I feel so adventurous on that. Thankfully we have amazing friends who will lend us their knowledge on knocking walls down and putting walls up.

#10. To piggy back off #11. I also want to complete my family/story wall. Last year the hubs and I went away and created goals and statements for our family.. I want to stick those up on the walls with photos of our family and different "stories" of us.

#9. Garden!!! I want to have a really nice looking garden and keep it looking nice :) I am looking forward to spring to not only get my garden up but to spend a lot of time with my friend doing it.

#8. Fix a Clean Eating meal once a week and blog about it. The hubs and I love eating clean and have been eating one or more clean meals each week in 2011. I really want to keep this streak going.

#7. I want to lose enough weight and to be very active in 2011. I want it to be a lifestyle change and choice so that when/if we decided to add another to our family it will be nothing to still eat clean and workout while being pregnant.

#6. I WILL start my own at home bakery business. I am finding out how much I LOVE baking for other and watching them really enjoy it as well. I have a BIG venture coming up soon that I hope will kinda jump start the "business."

#5. Do activities/crafts with my daughter once a month. Little miss is growing up so fast and I want her memories of being home with mom fun and loving. Whether its cooking, playing, or making something I want her to begin to explore this world around her.

#4. Finish little misses year photo books. I am almost done with her first one, but I really need to catch up. She will be 3 before I know it.

#3. No more procrastination!!! On anything. I want to finish all that I begin and set out to do.

#2. GET OUT OF DEBT!!!! I took a promotion at my job with this one idea in mind. To get out of debt. I am working a lot more and have a lot more responsibility and stress sent my way. but our goal as a family is to get out of debt so that in the case another baby comes our way I can be a stay at home mom and not have to worry about our thin finances.

#1. Another piggy-back-stealing-from-another-blog-idea. This one comes from my best friend over at her blog here. She has been doing surprises every month for her husband as part of her 30 things to do before she turns 30. And well, I had such a great time with the hub's 30 'til 30 Celebration that I think it would be great to give him a surprise at least once a month for the year 2011. I want him to know how much I appreciate him, love him, respect him and want to make him happy.

There you have it, my year in advance. I will update every month and let you know how well or how bad I am doing. Here's to an amazing 2011!!!

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