Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 'til 30: Days 26 - 30

And here it is.... THE END!!!! The last few days of his amazing, awesome, celebration EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!

Day 26: Our friends kept little miss the night before for at the time what Jason thought was just to have a night out. Well, that was part of it, but the next morning (today) I had scheduled an hour massage for him! He hadn't had a massage in almost a year and since he loves them so much I knew it would be a great gift. He was really surprised so surprised he forgot to take a picture. Boo on him.

Day 27: Was another letter from one of his best friends growing up. It really meant a lot to him that they took time out to write him something. Thanks T Y for doing it!

Day 28: Um..... well I had a really great idea. I got a ton of videos from our students wishing him a happy birthday. And I think it was just an over zealous attempt on my part. The video couldn't hold all the messages so..... he didn't get anything this day. Can I just tell you how upset I was at not having a plan B. Lesson to you all, if you are planning to do a 30 days, have several plan b's just in case it doesn't go as well as you hope.

Day 29: Came from the last best friend. And it was hilarious!!! He made a video for him and it was great! You can see it here. Thanks J for putting together a video that the whole world can see :)

Day 30: It's his birthday!!!!! And a day that I was hoping would be a great surprise to him. He had set his alarm for that morning to go off at 7:30 so that he could go to the gym. You see, I hadn't told him that we were heading to Islands of Adventure. And I wanted to get to the park before it got really crazy. That meant that I had to get up at 6, take my shower and get ready, reset his clock so that when he looked at the alarm it would read 7:30, and then wait for him to wake up. The wait, though only 3 minutes, KILLED ME!
But I left him a card in the bathroom that I know he would read that would let him know what we were doing. He was so happy!!!! And I was happy that I could make his 30th birthday a great time.


I know that most years my birthday is the focus. But I wanted you to have an amazing 30th birthday and I hope I was able to do that for you. I love you. You are amazing and deserve all the happiness and fun this world has to offer. May God grant us 2 more "30th birthdays" together!!!

your wife

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  1. Those 30 days were the best days of life….well close to it! The time we spent 3 weeks in Europe and then right after that we got married! Those were some pretty amazing days! But these days rank up there as some of the best! And you didn’t even slip once expect for Cory! But who’s counting! I can’t wait to trump this with your 30th birthday but I will add that it will be difficult because this was a amazing! I love you so much and thank you for a great birthday! Cant wait to spend my next 30 with you!
    Love you!