Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get those stamps ready

Because its time for Christmas Cards!!!!!

I love receiving Christmas cards especially photo cards. It just makes the card a lot more personal. This year we are hoping to finally nail down a date to get some photos taken of us and to actually mail out some Christmas cards. We have also moved into a new neighborhood and are still getting to know our neighbors. What better way than to take freshly baked cookies to their house!!!

And I think a photo Christmas card would be the perfect way to let them know who sent them.

Look at some of these great Christmas cards from Shutterfly:

#1. I can't help the fact that I am a sucker for Snowmen. This one isn't my all time favorite but I love the fact that after the holidays you can cut the pictures of and keep them on the fridge!

#2. I really like the look of this one. It's just classic and timeless! Perfect for a gorgeous family photo!

#3. I know if it was up to the hubs he would pick this one. He lives, literally, in a Top Ten kinda world. Its how he thinks and processes things. For me, I like being able to tell our family and friends all the things that we found so great this year. Being so far from home, this gives them some insight into what our year was like and having a toddler means I don't have to find lots of time to write a letter about it all.

Shutterfly has amazing cards and whats better yet is they are running a special for bloggers. You can get 50 free cards!! Check it out here for further information.

And even for you who don't blog their cards are 30% off right now. Go check them out. They have hundreds to chose from!!

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  1. Tell your Hubby I will beat him up if he picks that card...haha! ;)