Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 'til 30: Days 6-10

I can't even believe its been 10 days of his celebration already!!! I am having a ton of fun but bursting at the seams trying to make sure I don't slip up on anything. Here is what we have been doing the past five days:

Day 6: I asked him to meet me at work when my shift ended. I took us to a Latin restaurant that we have been wanting to try. It was delicious!!!

Day 7: I know that he had to preach that morning so I knew he would be on his feet for over 12 hours. On those days he normally asks me to massage his feet and I may or may not do it. This time I bet him to the punch and gave him a "gift certificate" for a 30-minute massage for his feet. He was counting every second making sure that I didn't stop too early. I think he enjoyed that day.

Day 8: His favorite fast food restaurant.... Chick-Fil-A. It only makes sense that he would get a gift card for there sometime during these 30 days. Can you tell he was excited?

Day 9: With the holidays come extra hours for his job and my job. So today his gift was quality time with me.

Day 10: Little miss and I hardly ever visit him at his job and I know that he rarely eats lunch on Wednesdays due to his work load. Today we brought him lunch and visited with him for just a little bit. I think he enjoyed seeing us there and eating with him.

20 more days to go!!!!! With a lot more fun and exciting things in store!!!!

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