Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 'til 30: Day 1-5

I am so glad that I finally get to talk about this!!!

The hubs is turning 30 this year and I really wanted (and I think he really needed) to have a great birthday. A few years ago I read on a blog about a wife who did 30 days of gifts, surprises and fun for her husband the 30 days before he turned 30. And that has stuck with me. The hubs has never really had a great birthday since we have been together. We have either been traveling home for Christmas on his birthday or something has always come up. This year I vowed to myself that things would be different and I think I have accomplished it!!!!

I am so excited to finally put my plan out there and let you see what his days are like.....

To start it off, we had our students read off a slide show we had created for him during his announcements during service. This was the kick-off celebration. The real fun was to begin the next day.

Day 1: He loves some coffee and with a new Dunkin Donuts beside us it has been very hard for him not to stop some mornings. So he got a gift card for some hot coffee on these chilly mornings.

Day 2: He loves the fried mac and cheese appetizer from the Cheesecake Factory. I was going to bring them home for dinner but he actually wanted to meet me at my work. That meant that we could actually go there and get them hot and fresh. We ordered them, but they never came. It wasn't until we got our meal we realized we didn't get the mac and cheese. Oh well, things can't always go as plan I guess.

Day 3: Over the summer a few of the guys really got into rock climbing and for a while it seemed like that was all they did. The place they go is indoors and I asked his best friend to go with him. And he agreed. Cory surprised him at work, they went to lunch and then spent a few hours climbing. It seemed liked they had a great day!

Day 4: I have a stack of i-Tunes cards that I am kinda hoarding so that one day I can slap a ton of music on my iPod. I know it doesn't make any sense to me either!! I watch him eye them sometimes when I have them out. I knew getting him some music would be the perfect gift because he enjoys many kinds of music!

Day 5: With it falling on Black Friday, I couldn't help but want to splurge a little bit. I found a new Xbox game for about $35 which is normally $60. I snagged it and decided to give it to him that night. I slipped it under his pillow so he would find it when we went to bed. He was so excited when he found it that he went downstairs and played it for a little while.


  1. the faces on this guy...cracking me up. He needs to be in each days pics...I want to make a collage for him of all his faces! :P

  2. Britt,

    This was a great idea. Just reading this blog and looking at the pictures brought a huge smile to my face. He definitely deserves a great birthday and you have truly accomplished it. GREAT JOB.