Friday, December 17, 2010

30 'til 30: Days 11-15

Soooo I am a little late on getting these days out into the blog world! Life around here has been a little busy.

But we are having a blast and I can't wait for you to see what all we have done!

Day 11: His best friend had asked if he could take the hubs out to lunch for one of the days and what was I gonna say.... no? Heck yes, please do!!!! So they went to a grilled cheese place which we love (but I don't think the bf liked it as much.) It's a little place up the road a ways and well they went at lunch time. Which meant they had to eat in the car. But I think it was a nice lunch surprise for the hubs to get out of the office and to have lunch with a great friend!

Day 12: I had to go to work that day but it wasn't until later in the morning. His gift was a HUGE breakfast. We had eggs, grits, bacon, and pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes! It was sooooo delicious and I loved making it for him and then spending time as a family over breakfast (its my favorite meal of the day. Just in case you were wondering.)

Day 13: The hubs likes/LOVES movies. Which made this a very easy gift to think of and to get him. Movie gift card to a local theater with his choice of the movie. He loved it!

Day 14: Well he seemed to have liked the 30 minute foot massage so much that I figured I would repeat it again for this day. When he saw the "coupon" he said he was hoping that was going to be his gift. His feet were killing him!!! Glad I was able to help!

Day 15: What could be so wrong with losing weight?....... When you have to keep wearing the same old "chunky boy" boxers. Boxers are normally a great Christmas gift but with having 30 days you kinda have to get creative

be on the lookout.........

Days 16-20 coming up next!!!!!!!!

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