Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 'til 30: Days 16-20

*UPDATE* How horrible am I?!? I wrote this before Christmas so that I could post it while we were away. But I forgot. And I am just now starting to blog the rest of his surprise gifts. Oh well, you are just a little late in knowing what he got. So here ya go the rest of the hubs 30 'til 30 Celebration!!!!!!!

We have reached the halfway point and I am excited for the next half!!!! These next 15 days have some of my most exciting surprises!!!

Day 16: I had tried to surprise the hubs with his favorite appetizer once before but he kinda surprised me at my job. So I took him to the restaurant with the appetizer, we ordered it but it never came. Which made me store in the back of my head that I would need to try to repeat that day again. And day 16 was it. I had called in my order from work, dropped by, picked it up and came on home where he had already had dinner on the table. It was perfect timing and he was quite surprised!

Day 17: With our schedules so incredibly busy there are not many days that we get to spend together. I gave him a coupon for a night out for just us. No little miss, no cell phones, no worries. He gets to choose the activities for five hours. I am hoping he is already planning the night!

Day 18: Since this is the holidays and I work retail; I am rarely home during this time. Which means that the hubs really has to step in and be mom and dad for our household. I appreciate his efforts so much and wanted to give him a little reward. I will make dinner of his choice for him one night. Start to finish whatever his heart desires. I am a little nervous to see what he picks. Hopefully it isn't something crazy!

Day 19: As I have said before nothing is worse than having to wear big baggy underwear from your chunky days. So he got another pair of underwear :)

Day 20: I had asked some of his guy friends if they would like to participate
in his birthday celebration. They wanted to and we surprised him one afternoon with going to play laser tag with just the guys!! Thank you guys for being a part of this too!!!!

That's all the time we have for today folks. Join us next week for Days 21-25 on the hub's 30 FOR 30 CELEBRATION!!!!!!! (and the crowd cheers)

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