Thursday, February 3, 2011

You've Got Mail: Days 1 and 2

Do you remember hearing those words? There are still so many emotions that can rising up when I hear that. It makes me slightly miss the days of dial up and waiting to hear that voice say whether or not someone cared to send you an email that day. oh the joys of discovering you had mail!

Then again, I still get that way. Even with our normal snail mail. I can't wait to get to our mailbox to see what little goodies (yes, even my bills) have been left for me by our wonderful mail man. I know its bad when little miss now gets really excited when I slow down to stop for the mail.

Two years ago was the first time the hubs and I celebrated Valentine's day. Before then I worked at a job that thrived off of Valentine's day and from Christmas until then every day was in preparation for that one day. Which meant I didn't even have a bit of energy to put towards Valentine's day. And though my schedule is still very busy, I didn't want to just let this day go by with no celebration.

After having so much fun with the hubs' birthday I thought it would be a great way to celebrate Valentine's day for the two I love most. Add everyone's love for mail.... and you have a great 14 days of gifts! I went to Target and got a mailbox for the hubs

And a mailbox for little miss.

I am actually a day b
ehind of gifts. I completely forgot that yesterday was the first and I had "big plans" So tonight is their first day getting gifts. When there is a gift for them, the mailbox arm goes up and they know they have a present. I can't wait for the hubs to come home so he can see it!

Check back to see what other fun things I do!


  1. LOVE the idea! I am trying to do little things each day too, but the mail box idea is super cute!