Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday party

One thing to know about me: I am a HUGE procrastinator!!!!

Now that we got that out of the way. This year for little misses birthday party, I thought that I would be different, I would change, I would...... start planning early?!?

And looking back on it, if I were to rate myself 1 being waiting until the night before her party to do everything or 10 meaning the night before, I was sitting on the couch sipping a milkshake and watching a movie; then I would give myself a 4. Which is an improvement *CHEESE* I am proud of myself.

Back in June I decided that I wanted to do a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party because that's little misses favortie show right now. It captivates her like nothing or no one else can. So why not build her party around that. My only problem was, I haven't really been to children's birthday parties or even thrown a party myself so what in the heck do you do for a two year old then? Insert...... the internet.

Nick Jr. has all these amazing things that get you going in the right direction and places where other parents send pictures and blog about their parties. Which gave me great ideas, but I wasn't really feeling the whole going all out on YGG. I wanted a little touch of cuteness to it and not so over the top kiddie character land. And then I found this blog and this blog. And realized that you don't have to be so character overboard all the time. I loved the idea of adding polka dots and the paper balls and just having touches of the characters here and there. And then it felt like everything was going to come together. Ready to see what we came up with? I introduce to you Little misses Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party....

These are just wrapped empty boxes and then we glued the characters on skewers and st
uck them through the boxes.

I made my own happy birthday banner with some chipboard, scrapbook paper and chip board letters. I tied ribbons at each hole and then connected them with fish wire.

Each table was covered with one of the five colors of YGG. We placed a bowl on top of each table filled with the single color wrapped a ribbon around it and glued the character onto it.

I even made our own cake as you can tell. I made marshmallow fondant in the five colors and then added paper cut outs of the characters.

Thanks to everyone who came and to Aunt Ba and Uncle Cory for all their help during my procrastination. Just think of how bad it could have been =)


  1. It was a fine party, a very very fine party. You did a great job with it and it was very creative. The help wasn't a problem at all.

  2. It looks wonderful! I am really not a fan of characters, but ours loved the Yo Gabba Gabba suff so much, I had to! Thanks for sharing my blog!