Wednesday, July 28, 2010!!!!!

I know that I have already told you that we have moved into our brand spankin' new home. But I still wanted to post a blog just for the new home.

We were renting an apartmen
t while this house was being built and we were told that this house should be finished by the end of May. But because of all those crazy snow storms we had this year that it might be pushed back a few weeks. Well our lease was up at the end of May and our house was NOT ready!!!

So I took little miss and we shipped out to my mom's in Florida w
hile Hubby took residence in the basement of some good friends (thank you!!!!) We went on a vacation to Boston with our best friends and when we returned..... it was time to move in!

After going to settlement we bee lined to Ikea to buy some much needed furniture. And the next day we enlisted some much needed help to get all of our stuff moved in.

Moving is never easy and is never fun! But we are just thrilled to death to be living in our own home!!!! And it is just too cute.


  1. Aweeee we never took pictures? Still wanna?

  2. Yes but I want the inside to come together first before we take pictures. I have ideas of what I want to try to do with the pics!