Sunday, May 23, 2010


Every year we are able to take a vacation with hubby's family. For the last 3 years we have flown down to Florida and stayed at the beach for a whole week. This year the in-laws decided to shake it up a bit and take each son and their family on a mini-vaca. They took our brother and his family (with two little girls) to Disney World..... how awesome, right? and they took us to Canada. Really awesome... right?

We were so excited about visiting Niagara Falls. You see it on TV and movies and you hear about how powerfully beautiful it all is. As we were crossing over the bridge and into the country you can see the falls. And it wasn't what I expected..... you would think I would have learned by now to give up having expectations...... They looked tiny and not really all that big.

The view from our hotel was fantastic and gave me a closer view of them.

Which allowed me to see that they were indeed big, but not as huge and powerful as I thought they would be. And then you st
and beside them.... at the top, near the edge and you see how far the drop is. You hear the roar of the water, the mist hitting your face and the wind shaking your clothes...... and I realized that I have no idea what power looks like. And it was fantastic!!!!

Being at the edge was terrifying, but very alluring.
And like a moth drawn to a flame you somehow found yourself being drawn closer and closer to the edge trying to do whatever you can to see and feel and experience everything the falls had to offer. It made you feel alive! And then when the sun was shining their were rainbows dancing everywhere! Popping up here and there, some half and then whole. And you see just how amazing God made this world.... which reminds you of just how amazing He is.

It really is a great family vacation and we were able to do a lot of fun things. Like the Maid of the mist were you get wet but it is so worth feeling the falls and being so close to the water,

and the Journey behind the Falls where you are five feet behind the wall of water.

The whirlpool Aero Car which was just cool to be above the river like that

and the Sky Wheel which really only I wanted to go on.

It was a great vacation and I am so thankful to my in-laws for letting us experience that with them!

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