Friday, April 9, 2010

Toddler Crafts: Kool-aid Easter Eggs

We finally did it!!!! We got to color our Easter eggs with Kool-aid! Of course it was just like I expected and we didn't get to dye our eggs until Sunday afternoon after we had lunch. But I had some girlfriends over and we decided to watch little miss dye eggs well the boys played video games.

I can not even begin to tell you how much fun she had. But in all honesty, I think us girls had more fun watching her. At first she was just doing what I was telling her to do. "Drop the egg here..... here..... here." Once she saw the egg emerge from the kool-aid water she went diving in after all the other ones.

And thats when it got worse

from dropping and picking the eggs back up to

st splashing in the water.

There some some things that I learned though. Many of the colors are the same. Black cherry, strawberry, cherry, fruit punch will all give you the same red. Pink lemonade and
lemonade didn't really produce a color and grape even with using distilled water that was mentioned here didn't give us a nice purple. The real winner of the day came from the Ice Blue Raspberry. It was a really pretty blue.

I am glad that we finally were able to do it and she
seemed to have a great time until the Kool-aid dried on her arms and it started itching. We knew then it was over and a bath must come quickly.

I get nothing but smiles thinking of her orange hands.


  1. Same here!!! Big smiles!!! I loved watching her splash in the water...from one color to the next and the next and back!!

  2. love your blog & all it's colors! & love that you know who you are in life!!! A lot of people go through life not knowing who they truely are. When you get to where i'm at in life when kids are going off to college & hubby decides after 24 yrs he no longer knows what he wants ... a person can lose themselves & who they are especially if your whole life was about them. I am refinding myself!!! LOVED reading your blog!