Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WARNING: Grab your tissues

Around November of last year my hubby introduced me to an author by the name of Donald Miller. I have seen his books all throughout my house and have heard from many people how inspiring his writings are. But I was never inspired to pick one up. Then hubby asked me to attend a book tour with him about living your life to the fullest; how to make every decision count and to rewrite the story of my life. Sounded interesting enough so I went with him. I left the church the tour was at INSPIRED! I hurriedly read the book (though I have not finished) and was trying to find ways to do all that I want in life.

But there is another part of this book that is also inspiring.... its about how we handle the hard times in life. Realizing that when a hard time comes a positive one can be right around the corner..... we just need to adjust our attitudes.

Every now and then I will hope over to Donald Miller's blog just to see what he has to say. But this time I was given this post through a friend on Facebook and well I would hate to not share this touching story with you as well. I hope it challenges and inspires you.

WARNING: Grab your tissues


  1. I've read it 4 times now. Wow. That's all the words I really have.