Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow much fun!!!

I have been begging and pleading with Mr. Jack Frost to send some snow our way. It seems like he was sending all his love to the south and well I was feeling a little neglected. Until last night!!!

A gorgeous flow of snow came twinkling down with the sounds of thunder and flashed of lighting to highlight it all. I had no clue that you could have thunder and lighting with snow... but it only makes sense. And it made it that much cooler!

One of my "life goals" or "bucket list" was to build a snowman. Which may s
eem silly to some of you, but being born and raised in Florida snow is all you can dream of during the toasty winter. And here was our chance. Little miss is finally at the age of "getting it" and we had the time to do it. Add the 8+ inches of snow that fell last night and I get to cross something off my list!!!!!!

Here he is...

I don't think we did that bad for our first one. Even though we had no idea what we were doing :)


  1. UM, that is impressive. I couldn't get through the ice to get enough snow to make one!

  2. YEAH! I love it! This was PERFECT snowman snow too!!! Where did you get all the stuff? Did you have a snowman kit?

  3. Living in Ottawa - Canada's capital - we see ALOT of snow! But I have to say that is by far one of the cutest snowmen I have ever seen !!